About Us

We are a family office organisation that has been founded by our CEO who is a ‘Serial Entrepreneur’ with more than 45 years of experience in setting up companies with skills in Project Finance Non-Recourse, Fundraising either on a project basis or Asset Management, in many diversified sectors as mentioned in our Areas of Expertise section.

He started his career in 1970 working for his father, who owned a garage in Covilha-Portugal, selling and repairing cars, having in house all the labour and skill sets required, from mechanics to welders, body repairs, painting, etc.

He soon diversified from car sales to selling tractors, then industrial machinery, ending up creating an import business for the civil construction, agricultural, mining equipment and heavy industry machinery sectors, all related to those core activities, creating a network of country agents to distribute these products and give support on services after sales as well as repairs for the same.

At the end of the 70’s he decided that the time had come to ‘move on’ on his own and he left the family business to create his own business.

During the 80’s and 90’s he created Group HLC. With activities in the Environmental (Waste & Water), Health Care, Energy, Telecommunications Sectors and a work force of more than 300 people at the height of the business, originating and being responsible for iconic projects in Portugal  such as Tapada do Outeiro (introducing natural gas to Portugal), 1st Municipal Water Concessions for 20 years, 1st Government Hospital being managed by a private entity (780 beds, 1000 casualties a day), 1st Telecom Licence Operator , largest Waste Management Operator, etc.

​Throughout the first decade of 2000 the  business saw its Internationalization, by setting up offices in Brazil, Spain, United Kingdom and branches in other countries.

At this time various other companies were setup in the Carbon, Renewables and Biofuels Sectors, and synergies between all these activities sprung up.

After 2004 he moves permanently to the UK office and leaves the Portuguese and Brazilian companies under management.

With the financial crisis of 2007 and the Portuguese economy breakdown, his companies in Portugal and Brazil are forced to close down in 2010, after various attempts to safeguard its assets and business.

So in 2010 he decides to setup a family business for his sons and  Quest JFM Investments is born.