What We Do

As a family business our interests are very diversified and although there is a focus on the activities from the CEO, the shareholders of the company (his sons) also have activities that enhance the overall business and bring “Social Awareness”, “Creative Ideas” as well as “Traditional Values” that have been the core of the business, giving and following basic principles of trust and honesty.

It is based in these principles that we develop our business and attract partners and investors.

Consultancy Advisory Work

With many years of experience and having performed countless projects our expertise and network allows us to give consultancy advisory work in the multiple areas of our expertise. This is done either with retainer remuneration or success fee based reward, depending on the client and  type of work to be performed.


From project finance non-recourse to asset management, our experience has not only many years of success but we have also raised more than €5 billion, in the most diversified sectors and projects.

We produce in house all the necessary documentation either at project level or company level, including but not only, IM-Information Memorandums, FM-Financial Models, Teasers, Presentations to Partners and/or Investors, etc.



Practically all that we get involved in at business level is under some kind of partnership, that can be small, medium or controlling depending on the project and/or company and the sector, but ultimately our business model is the creation of multi-faceted partnerships covering our areas of expertise.

Areas of Expertise

As referred in What We Do, our core can be defined in three categories.

Core Business

Renewables – Carbon Offsetting

Energy Management Systems

Clean Power Generation

Oil & Gas related

Areas of Business Expansion



Health Care

Property & Property Management – Hotels


Non-core Business

Theatre Set Design

Fashion Design

Antiques & Books

Web Design & Graphic Design

Funding Start-ups

The many years of experience of our CEO have been founded in one principle: “Start-up Business”. All the companies excluding where work for advisory or clients have been involved were all ‘Start-ups’, so there is an understanding of success and failure that is well understood and managed.

It all starts with a “eureka moment” when we relate business to ‘start-ups’, and the individuals or teams that then carry out that eureka moment and the processing to achieve and envelope it into a business proposition.

Some are huge successes others are failures, but in any of the cases, it requires passion and a lot of work to bring the ‘eureka idea’ to a business.

We as a company have been incubating businesses and companies since our inception, and we are starting a new fund to support and realise the dream of the eureka moment to those individuals or teams that want to partner with us in their pursuit of realization.

Our concept is to in a first instance analyse and determine if it fits our Areas of Expertise and if they do we will then help and fund to a stage of fundraising by using our dedicated crowdfunding platform “Crowdfunding4U” which will independently analyse and approve the campaign of crowdfunding to bring the business to a stage of “business as usual” mode.